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The wonderful world of 3D holograms

16 Nov 2023

3D holograms are an amazing technology that can create realistic three-dimensional images. The potential for this technology is endless, with the potential for far-reaching impacts ranging from virtual reality to medical imaging. The traditional hologram production process requires a large amount of computing resources, which makes real-time generation of holograms very difficult.

Hologram Challenge
The process of making holograms is very complex. A laser or other form of light source must be used to create interference patterns, which are recorded on the holographic sheet, and when the holographic sheet is illuminated by the appropriate light, a three-dimensional image is produced. This process requires precise control and massive computing resources, and generating holograms in real time is a huge challenge.

Three-dimensional scattering-assisted dynamic hologram (3D-SDH)

Researchers have developed a new method called "three-dimensional scattering-assisted dynamic hologram" (3D-SDH). This method can achieve ultra-high-density 3D holographic projection with a depth resolution three orders of magnitude higher than existing multi-plane holographic projection methods. This is a major breakthrough because it makes the real-time generation of holograms possible.

Future possibilities

The development of 3D hologram technology provides us with a new way of visual experience. Whether exploring new worlds in virtual reality or performing precise imaging in the medical field, 3D holograms will play an important role.

In the field of virtual reality, 3D holograms can provide a more realistic experience. Users can move freely in the virtual environment and interact with virtual objects just like in the real world. In the medical field, 3D holograms can be used to create accurate models of the human body to help doctors diagnose and treat patients. 3D holograms can also be used in education, entertainment, art and other fields, bringing unprecedented changes to our lives.