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Reflection Hologram Recording and Reproducing

06 Nov 2023

Reflection hologram sticker embossed by hard embosser and made of PET metalized film, Security tamper proof holographic label.

The first reflection hologram is product of the Soviets shot, he holography and Lippmann's colour images combine to present the thing beam and the reference light from the other way of propagation and interference fringes recorded on the thick latex. Such a laser hologram recording, reproducing monochromatic pictures will be reproduced, due to the wavelength selectivity of the diffraction efficiency, the usage of white could be reproduced, observed quasi-monochromatic photographs of different colors, the white coloration of the reconstructed picture, as the recording the laser wavelength and the thickness of the latex relying on the amount of shrinkage.

PET holographic sticker sticker, It's reflection hologram. Security tamper proof holographic sticker.

1960s, holography recording medium is mainly silver dry plate, and the resulting diffraction effectivity of the hologram is low, 70 years later, dichromated gelatin (DCC) is used and dry plate silver bleaching process, the hologram The diffraction effectivity was considerably improved. To the eighties and nineties have been generally used section-type recording medium equivalent to a photoresist. White reflection hologram can be reproduced with its benefits, has turn out to be one of many major sorts of holographic display.

Hologram Sticker, Security tamper proof holographic label.


Fresnel-type reflection hologram

Enlarged after a laser beam direct dry plate, the transmittance gentle onto the object to achieve the recording medium by diffuse reflection, the reference gentle projected onto the object mild from both sides of the latex to form on the reflection hologram. This recording optical path is easy and sensible, suitable for prime scattering charge objects, equivalent to jewellery, coins, badges, etc.; low scattering rate for certain objects on its floor might be coated with silver or glass beads a form of excessive-reflectance materials to ensure that the material will not be too weak gentle reflection. Records required by the gap between the thing and the dry plate near the best object was flat.

Hologram reflection sticker, Security tamper proof DOT-MATRIX Hologram


Hologram picture aircraft, picture aircraft hologram recording optical path, the image aircraft is a reflection hologram (quantity) hologram, the thing beam and the reference gentle from the recording medium on both sides of better than 90 days. Angle of incidence, and the date the article between the latex.

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