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How to Improve Securiry of Hologram

20 Dec 2023

1. Two type Hidden text & Micro text or image

a. Laser readable hidden text,

Laser Readable Hidden Text(image) / Covert image / Laser Concealed text or image


VOID', 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED' and Honey Comb pattern released

Pattern released temper-proof holographic sticker in sheet ( 156mm * 156mm ). Pattern released has 'VOID', 'ORIGINAL', 'CANCELED' and Honey comb sticker cost $0.01 per sheet more than normal tamper evident sticker.


Pressure tamper evident pattern released with word small ' ORIGINAL' hologram stickers. This sticker leaves ORIGINAL word as residues when peeled off.

d. Customized design tamper evident with customer's logo/ text residue when hologram sticker is peeled off

Customized design pattern released also is available, but quantity of sticker should be big enough to make customized base PET material.