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Holographic Photopolymer

26 Oct 2023


 photopolymer is a polymer that changes its properties when exposed to light, often in the ultraviolet spectrum. These polymers are useful in dentistry for fillings and in rapid prototyping in the stereolithography and 3D printing process. This material is also used in the creation of ADA compliant Architectural Signage. This material also used as a relief plate for flexographic printing, mainly used in flexible packaging, plastics, paper, labels and corrugated boxes

3D Hologram Lion is made on photopolymer


3D model holographic fish image is recorded on photopolymer


3D Photopolymer


3D Holographic Photopolymer


3D Photopolymer Lion


3D Photopolymer Dolphin


3D Holographic Photopolymer. Transparent.