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2D hologram label

06 Nov 2023

2D design has one layer hologram image on surface which is made up of one layer two dimensional images. The images are assigned different colors and position in one layer. It just has only one layer, without visual hologram depth as 2D/3D hologram. But 2D hologram text and image can be very shining, colorful, especailly small font text is very clear all hologram image and text is on surface. 2D hologram has the highest brightness and sharpness in colorful text and logo.

Holographic Seal Production
- optical rainbow 2D/3D holograms
- digitally synthesized holograms recorded by electron-beam lithography
- combined holograms (bigrams)
- demetallized holograms
- holographic security elements with spectral taggants

Hologram label: Self-adhesive holograms, security labels of the most suitable for general use. May also apply to be applied manually, automatic sealing machines. Upon request, the serial numbering on the laser demetalizasyon or ribbon can be made. The complete destruction of self-destruction, and half the bodies contain an element of many security features.BANDS ON HOLOGRAPHIC: On Holographic packaging films produced self-adhesive tapes provide easy opening up. The content and articles can be for general use patterns, custom logos and shapes can also be applied.


2D/3D holographic label design is created from flat artwork using line art by software in computer. Then we hang output film and developed glass on master lab to record image onto glass master. It contains several optical layers with 2D hologram images visually placed one behind another resulting in a 3D effect because each layer has different distance to our eyes with visual depth. Virtually any existing design or logo can be made into a 2D / 3D hologram with depth and parallax. We can work with you to create 2D/3D artwork by several type software, and also can break your existing art into color separations and layers which contain 2-4 layers and up to 6 colors.